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The purpose of Wealth Creation is to make sure that every person has enough capital, the insufficiency of which may turn into the top-most limiting factor.

Saving, therefore, is a compulsion for capital formation. The latter (savings) may be seen from 2 sides:

  • Increase in the volume of savings so that resources may be released for capital formation
  • The very act where savings is converted to investment

Both will ensure that resources are actually used for productive purposes. At another level, savings can be viewed from 2 (two) angles:

  • The power to save: For an individual, it is crucial to have a surplus of income over expenditure
  • The will to save: This depends on various human motives – family reasons, need to acquire influence, the desire to be successful etc. In fact, the high interest rate acts as a catalyst to high level of savings.

However one thing is certain: to tackle the inflationary trend, earnings must go up simultaneously. This, of course, is easier said than done. The other way to boost your earning is when your savings earn a lot. To make sure that your savings do this magic, they need to be converted into investments. The habit of investments therefore needs an early beginning and the right balance of assets.

High inflation often impacts the savings of individuals. In view of the same, generating "market-linked" returns over a longer period of time is critical for meeting our goals. Mutual Fund schemes in this category are positioned with an objective to produce "market-linked" returns over a period of time. Invest into Equity Funds and Hybrid / Balanced Funds which are positioned to help you create wealth and generate returns.

Benefits :

  • Growth of Capital
  • Tax Efficient Returns

Principle :

Long Term Capital Appreciation - Suitable for Long Term for High Risk Profile Investors

Large Cap Equity Funds :- 5 Year Above &Conservative

Large & Mid Cap Equity Funds :- 5 Year Above &Moderate

Multi Cap Equity Funds :- 5 Year Above & Aggressive

Mid Cap Equity Funds :- 7 Year Above &Very Aggressive

Small Cap Equity Funds :- 7 Year Above &Very Aggressive


Benefits :

  1. Diversification across Countries
  2. Dollar Hedge
  3. Global Exposure
  4. Attractive Valuations Multiples
  5. Higher Dividend Yield
  6. Profitability Ratios
  7. Cost Effectiveness

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.