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Saving Services

Saving Services

Cash is one of your most important assets and should be managed efficiently to support your growth and financial strength.

All of us need cash to take care of our daily expenses groceries, provisions etc. as well as to deal with any medical emergencies. But at the same time, we dont want the cash to be lying idle or blocked. If you keep your cash idle, you are depriving your cash to earn for you. It would be smart to invest this cash in Mutual Funds, so that it earns you returns and is still available as and when you need it. Hence, invest in Ultra short Term Debt Fund as it is the best way to invest your cash and manage it smartly.

The ideal amount should be three to six monthly expenses to meet emergency needs of our family

We generally keep our money in a savings account so that you can withdraw it at any time and also enjoy some interest on it while its there. While a savings account is a good option to keep your money handy, the interest it earns does not even match up with inflation (the avg. inflation rate in the last 5 years was 6.29%!). A smarter option can be Mutual Fund Ultra short Term Debt Fund. It keeps your money easily accessible and also offers you the potential to earn more than the savings bank interest with safety and liquidity with tax efficient.

The investment objective of the Scheme is to generate steady and reasonable income, with low risk and high level of liquidity from a portfolio of money market securities and high quality debt

Benefits :

  1. Preserve Money
  2. Liquidity ( Easy Cash )
  3. Tax Efficient Returns 

Principle :

High Capital Safety - Suitable for Short term to Medium Term for Low to Medium Risk
Suitable for : - Meet daily expenses, Seed Capital New Business, Life Style Improvemts, Any Social & Health Emergencies

LIQUID FUNDS : - Upto 91 Days

ULTRA SHORT TERM FUND : - For 3 to 6 Months


Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.