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Mutual Fund

Mutual Fund


A Mutual fund is a pool of money, which is collected from many investors and is invested in various types of securities by asset management company in line with investment objectives of investors.

Investor will earn Dividend and Earn Capital Gain or Incur Capital Loss. Mutual Fund is Indirect and Collective Investment, preferable for those who do not have adequate TIME and proper KNOWLEDGE & wish to fulfilled all FINANCIAL NEEDS.
Benefits Of Mutual Fund

    Professional Management
    Diversification [All types of Assets, Sectors, Industry & Countries]
    Convenient Administration [KYC+ Application + Cheque]
    Return Potential [ Very good compare to all assets]
    Low Costs [ Max 2.5 % ]
    Liquidity [ From one day to Max 5 Days ]
    Flexibility [ SIP , STP , SWP , Trigger , Switch ]
    Choice of schemes
    Tax Efficient Returns
    Well regulated by SEBI
    FREE Life Insurance
    FREE Personal Accident Insurance

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.